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to grow the swedish energy giant was to double the size of this open cast mine. if all these morally right for its powerplant with the dirtiest in europe. local children call it the cloud making factory. it's one of the most polluting fossil fuels. it's supposed to be a thing of the past. germany gets nearly twenty five percent of that elektra city from solar and two brilliant goals eighty percent renewable spiked twenty fifty. the country burns more brown coal last year than in any time since the nineteen nineties the dirty downside if chancellor angela merkel's new clear phase out. more thahahan nine hundred villagers are at risk of being displaced. for some it's a feeling of history repeating itself. in this region thousands have been recycled after the second world war when the communist government's depended on brown coal to power its cities and factories. it makes me furious. just curious. but the government comes in and starts developing alternative sources of energy. now we come back to brown coal. i feel very disillusioned and we simply cannot go back until the practices of the pl
the energy comes from in the south so what they want to do what they've been able to do in monkeys is replace that my new country a of a woman who might have genetic defects. this is about one in four thousand children are affected by these mitochondrial defects and replace that with a healthy woman's honor country. so that's where you get taken in third person getting involved in the dna process so that the talks are very much limited to this one process of mitochondria manipulation and i really addressing that call concerned that are being raised for the ethical concerns but specifically related to this one. not counting the broader question of manipulating the sperm and tanks broccoli. ellie and we hear that to you is better than whining when she say that the resources that dna are better than jail. i know is who like to bring as many people in the data making process as possible so i dad dad more dna that matter. but what is being open to worry about this you know the name babies in this regard i think is a much bigger problem in this country in terms of baby peanut. it's every day. he an
the cuffs on the system. the chief executive of america's largest energy company has joined all speak to oppose the construction of a new one to town. in his home that can be useful for kate. the head of excellent although was quick to say he doesn't apply as a training technique has worn on the view from his time being bland. it is the key is to excuse his leftist or environmental activists of indians ironically i was sitting in the rain full of people who were there to benefit the town of art and failed to enact a month moratorium on the sterling per minutes. and so it was very surreal for us to hear read thrillers and talking about. and and slightly wider powers that my hse and islam can be used when these people sitting in on and had water dripping from my dishwasher dishwasher they had a rash it. there were so many toxic release if the gas near their homes that they had the feedback you wait. five hundred and one really fits in just one year they had to wake your small children out at night any that you wake in the middle of the night to steal a get away from these toxic gases th
will be is dependent on trade and energy. with the rush on. and should know to hold the bailout. with a stick not just because there's no justification for doing so well because it cannot possibly be in our own national interest the british government of course which has invaded the doctor tried in massive numbers. all soldiers and occupation troops country often country over the last ten fifteen years. being complicit in killing more than a million people in those occupations is in the last possible position to elect are all the people about what they do i follow events in a country on its own doorstep the facts of the month are the russia has every right to beat all the geisha. to act in defence all of its compatriots its citizens its economic and military assets which it has on the character in all of the ukraine by a demon invited to an all russian government. no one will be of limited government could possibly follow such thing to be in danger of them go without taking the action the present woods and has taken. i'm not talkin about the opposition in ukraine recently you actually referred to the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4